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Kalispell Municipal Court Juror Questionnaire

  1. Is your Physical Address different than your Mailing Address?
  2. Gender*
  3. Marital Status
  4. Do you have children?
  5. What education have you had? *

    Check all that apply.

  6. Are you employed at present?
  7. If retired, provide last occupation

  8. If retired, provide last occupation. 

  9. Have you ever served as a Juror?
  10. Have you or any member of your immediate family been injured in an accident?
  11. Are you or any member of your immediate family involved in law enforcement in any official capacity?
  12. Have you or any member of your immediate family ever been a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit?
  13. Are you or your spouse related to any attorney?
  14. Are you or your spouse presently being represented by an attorney?
  15. Do you have any disability which you feel would make it difficult to serve on a jury? *
  16. Do you feel you should be excused from serving as a juror because of undue hardship or because you do not meet the eligibility requirements for jury service?*

    If you answered "Yes", you must also complete an Affidavit for Excusal. 

  17. In order to be eligible to serve as a trial juror, you must be 18 years of age or older, a resident for at least 30 days of the state and of the city, town or county in which you are called for jury duty, a citizen of the United States and not convicted of malfeasance in office or any felony or other high crime (the sentence of which has not yet expired or the fine not yet paid)
  18. I certify that the foregoing statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.*
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