What can a business do to improve fire safety in their workplace?

First line supervisors should conduct work site surveys of their area on a regular basis, at least quarterly. These surveys should include observations of worksite safety and housekeeping issues and should specifically address:

  • Proper storage of chemicals and supplies
  • Monitoring of electrical equipment, extension cords
  • Availability and condition of fire safety equipment
  • Unobstructed access to fire extinguishers
  • Emergency evacuation routes

Also, they should ensure that an emergency evacuation plan is present in work areas and that personnel are familiar with the plan. Emergency egress should be kept clear and every exit clearly marked or the route to it conspicuously identified in such a manner that occupants of the building will readily know the direction of escape from any point.

For businesses with occupancy loads of 50 or greater the main building exit and main pathways to exits are to be marked by illuminated exit signs. Each exit sign (other than internally illuminated signs) are to be illuminated by a reliable light.

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