Why do City plow trucks push snow into my driveway after I clean it?

When plowing, the snow may end up on the driveway you just shoveled. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you.  If your schedule permits, you may want to wait and clear your driveway after City plows have passed through your street. If it is a significant snowfall, the snowplows will probably be back.

Streets are typically opened with one pass through, so that streets can be made passable for drivers as soon as practical. Snowplows may return to open the street curb-to-curb. This is done to clear areas for on-street parking, where it is permitted, and to allow melting snow to drain into catch basins. We regret that you may find some of this snow on your recently shoveled driveway and you have to shovel it again.

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4. Why do City plow trucks push snow into my driveway after I clean it?
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