Electronic Plan Review

Going Paperless

For Technical Support,  call us at: 406-758-7730

It's Simple

Sign up for an account with your email address (we will verify with an activation link)

Portal Login: Public App

  • For your convenience once you are in the Portal, please bookmark that web page for quick and easy access.
  • For simple actions when in the Portal: pay fees, click on the actions drop down menu located on your submitted case.
  • To access greater details related to your case, simply click your case.
  • To return to the home page of the Portal at any time, simply click the Cityworks logo.
  • If you have permits that have not been completed, once you are in the Portal click the incomplete tab. This will take you to your uncompleted permits.
  • Submit new application/plans and other documents or access a project you have already submitted

Benefits to you:

  • Application submittal and tracking online for our customers; less hold time on the phone
  • Concurrent reviews by various departments rather than chasing down routed plans
  • Departmental Coordination: all comments are now visible and tracked electronically
  • Task Automation: task alerts for staff and emails to customers keep communication flowing

City of Kalispell Benefits

  • Reduces the use of consumable products

File Format Requirements