Vending Permits

You can now make park pavilion reservations online!  

The City of Kalispell has both gardens & facilities for hosting a group event.  Guaranteed use of a facility is obtained through a paid Reservation Permit from the Kalispell City Parks and Recreation.

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Vending Permit  

People wishing to vend in city parks, on city property or at a publicly hosted special event held on city property, must obtain a vending permit through the Kalispell Parks and Recreation Department. There are two types of vending permits. An annual permit and a special event permit. Fill out a vending permit online. CLICK HERE

  • Annual Permit - $100, valid for one year from issuance, vendor responsible for liability insurance and additional requirements as listed on the permit application.
  • Special Event Permit - $25, vendor must have permission from host, permit valid for event, and liability insurance. Kalispell Youth Athletic Complex has separate rules that apply.

Liability Insurance

Vendors may be required to have liability insurance depending on event. Park reservations may be required to have liability insurance depending on the type of reservation. View an example of the requirements needed for liability insurance. CLICK HERE