Council Public Hearings



Municipal public hearings are governed by Montana Code Annotated 7-1-4131. When required, the governing body (in this case either the City Council or Planning Board) shall conduct public hearings for the purpose of providing reasonable opportunity for citizen participation prior to final decisions. The public can provide testimony on the matter at the public hearing held at a regularly scheduled public meeting, or via written testimony. Please send City Council public hearing testimony to Upcoming City Council public hearings will be listed on this page from the date of publication notice to the day after the public hearing. Public hearings require publication in the paper (The Daily Inter Lake) and are published twice, with at least 6 days separating each publication. (Certain public hearings require 3 publication notices.)

Planning Board public hearings can be found on the Planning Board Page under Upcoming Agenda

Please note: Many actions of the City Council are not subject to specific public hearing noticing laws. These actions are noticed via the City Council agenda and the public is able to provide testimony on the matter at the council meeting or via written testimony to