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Q:           Is there a map that shows the project limits/extents on and around the U.S. Hwy 93/Main Street corridor?

A:            The City did not submit a map of project limits with its SS4A grant application.  The intent is to focus on Main Street and its supporting transportation network as demonstrated in the documents attached to the RFP, particularly the Move 2040 Transportation Plan.  The Main Street corridor is generally bound to the north by the intersection at East Wyoming Street and to the south by the intersection of Airport Road and 13th Street East, and by First Avenues East and West.

Q:           Who is on the selection committee?

 A:            The selection committee is made up of the SS4A Stakeholder Group and includes representatives from the following groups:  Kalispell Business Improvement District, Chamber of Commerce, Kalispell School District No. 5, Technical Advisory Committee, Urban Renewal Agency, Flathead County, Montana Department of Transportation (Missoula District), City of Kalispell Development Services and Public Works Department staff.

 Q:           What is the impetus for the project schedule listed in the RFP?

 A:            The dates listed in the RFP are predicated on the city’s intent to pursue implementation grant funding fall of 2025.  Milestone dates are changeable so long as the overall timeline is accomplished. 

 Q:           What is meant by “30% design”?  Is this a city or state standard?

 A:            Thirty percent design is intended as a benchmark indicative of substantial project design toward implementation of identified preferred construction alternative(s).  Although an MDT route there is hope that the design can be done to City standards, however, given project scope can’t rule out the possibility of MDT standard as the project progresses towards 100% design.

 Q:           What year will the West Reserve Drive project be built?

 A:            The West Reserve Drive:  Hutton Ranch Road to Whitefish Stage Road Intersection project will begin construction summer 2024.

 Q:           Is the RFP asking for an organizational chart for the company submitting or the team working on the project?

 A:            The organizational chart requested is for the proposed project team.

 Q:           Are proposals to include project fee?

 A:            No.  A firm will be selected and then the fee will be negotiated following selection.

 Q:           Do you have examples of what Main Street could be?

 A:            There are no preconceived notions of how Main Street might be configured.  There are existing documents, including the Kalispell Transportation Plan and Downtown Plan, that provide some guidance based on community planning efforts to date.  We anticipate the SS4A project will build on previous data collection, analysis and plans.

 Q:           Is the Montana Department of Transportation concerned about re-opening the 2006 Environmental Impact Statement on the Bypass?

 A:            No.  The expectation is that this SS4A project will provide a supplemental report to the earlier Environmental Impact Statement and will be limited to the remaining two-lane section of Highway 93 in Kalispell stretching from 7th Street to 12th Street.

 Q:           Assuming interviews are to be held in person, when will notifications be made?

 A:            Interviews will only be held if the selection committee feels it is necessary to gather additional information.  Per page 8 of the RFP, firms will be notified of interview on October 4 with interviews to be held October 9 and 10, 2023.  Interviews may be conducted via Zoom.