Stormwater Maintenance Permit

Permit Application & Inspection Form

Projects required to obtain and maintain a stormwater maintenance permit are those that require post-construction stormwater management practices under the City of Kalispell's Standards for Design and Construction. 

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Permit Conditions

  • Annual inspection submitted by October 1 to the Public Works Department signed by the owner indicating the stormwater management practice is operating as designed. 
    • Permits approved after April 1 will not be required to submit an inspection until the subsequent year.
  • The owner of the site must renew the stormwater maintenance permit every 5 years. An application for renewal must be submitted by October 1 and accompanied by a report certified by an engineer that the stormwater management practices are operating as designed.
    • At a minimum, the report must include an inspection of the control comparing the as-built plan and operation and maintenance manual to determine if the control is operating as designed and if maintenance is required. If the control requires maintenance or other changes, the report shall contain mitigation measures required and a timeline to complete measures prior to the next required inspection.
  • The owner of the site must notify the department of any sale or conveyance of the premises and must provide the name of and contact information for the new owner.