Leaf & Grass Removal

What’s the Problem?

Extra fertilizers and pesticides applied to lawns and gardens wash off and pollute local waterways. When fallen leaves and grass clippings get into storm drains they can become clogged, potentially flooding our streets, and sending pollutants to our local streams and rivers. Excess leaves, grass clippings, and fertilizers/pesticides in streams can cause elevated levels of nutrients and lower oxygen levels in water, potentially harming aquatic life.

Kalispell City Ordinance 1831 (PDF) prohibits yard waste disposal in storm drains. The City does collect leaves off city streets for one month in October and November. Outside of the leaf pick-up period, leaves should not be raked into the street. For more information, visit our leaf removal page.


What Should I Do?

  • Keep fallen leaves and grass clippings on your property and off of sidewalks, streets, storm drains, and streams. Compost or mulch yard waste.
  • Don't over water your lawn. Consider using a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler.
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly. If use is necessary, use the recommended amounts of chemicals. Or use organic mulch and safer pest control methods when possible.