City Projects & Accomplishments

Street Sweeping

Kalispell streets are swept on a routine basis. During spring, streets are swept more often to collect winter sanding material. 

Each year, sweepers collect more than 1,200 tons of sand and sediment!

Street Sweeper
Leaf Collection by city truck

Leaf Collection

In fall, Kalispell streets are swept and cleaned on a routine basis to collect leaves.

Public service announcements are used to inform Kalispell citizens of correct leaf collection and disposal routes and methods. Leaves are collected and deposited at the City compost site.

Each year, over 200 tons of leaves are collected!

Storm System Inspection and Cleaning

Storm drainage systems must be maintained to ensure proper function and performance.

Catch basins, storm drain inlets, and other conveyance structures in high pollutant load areas are identified and cleaned before the wet season to remove sediments and debris accumulated during summer. 

In 2021, 330 catch basin and manhole cleanings were conducted.

working on manhole, 3-18

Stormwater Quality Improvement Projects

Private projects over 10,000 square feet are required to treat stormwater on-site. Additionally, the City also prioritizes stormwater management and treatment. 

In total, stormwater treatment has been provided for over 1,378 acres of the City with 113 acres in 2021 alone. 

Sylvan Drive Stormwater Treatment

Sylvan Drive with captions

Root Intrusion on Water Pipe

root intrusion before

Fixed Root Intrusion on Water Pipe

root intrusion after

Sylvan Drive Water Treatment Structure

Sylvan Drive Storm Main Improvement Project

Preparation of Stormwater Treatment Structure Installation

Sylvan Drive Storm Main Improvement Project