50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program

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50 / 50 Sidewalk Replacement Program

A safe pedestrian sidewalk system is an essential component of our community. In order to encourage the replacement of deteriorated sidewalks the City of Kalispell has established a cost sharing sidewalk replacement program. The City will equally share the cost of replacing boulevard sidewalks with the adjoining property owner. Annually the City appropriates funds for this program and the program is administered on a first come first serve basis.

The City annually obtains a local sidewalk contractor through the competitive bidding process. The 50/50 program will allow property owners to utilize theses competitive bid prices to have their sidewalks replaced. The Public Works Department will provide engineering and inspection services at no expense to the property owner.

Payment Options

The property owner has two payment options.

  • First, the Contractor will bill the property owner directly for their share of the cost upon completion of the work.
  • Second, the property owners share may be paid by utilizing an eight year assessment program. This option enables the property owner to pay by pro-rating their share of the cost over an eight year period on the respective property taxes. A 5% administrative fee based upon the property owners share will be included. One eighth of the principal plus interest calculated at the prime rate will be due on the remaining balance each year for eight years.

Following is an example of the eight year assessment program for replacing approximately 30 feet of sidewalk (2015 prices). Your costs may be more or less depending on the quantity of work completed and the actual prime rate.

50% Share of Construction                      $476.19

5% Administrative Fee                             $   23.81 

Total Principal                                            $500.00

Interest Rate at 5% - assumed prime rate for this example.

Disclaimer: Cost changes annually based on received bids.
Year Principal Interest Payment
1 $62.50 $25.00 $87.50
2 $62.50 $21.88 $84.38
3 $62.50 $18.75 $81.25
4 $62.50 $15.63 $78.13
5 $62.50 $12.50 $75.00
6 $62.50 $9.38 $71.88
7 $62.50 $6.25 $68.75
8 $62.50 $3.13 $65.63


$500.00 $112.52 $612.52

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