Height Modernization

The City of Kalispell is a participant in Height Modernization, an effort by the National Geodetic Survey (an agency within NOAA) to assist states in saving what is left of geodetic and vertical control networks from the 20th century, and to utilize 21st-century technology (GPS) to preserve and improve these geodetic networks.

Survey Points

Many of the original survey points (called monuments by surveyors) have been lost due to development. Height Modernization recognizes the importance of these monuments - along with new GPS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) monuments/antennas - as a continuation of an American tradition of utilizing technology for the management and improvement of various aspects of our lives that are the primary concerns in Montana, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Natural Resources
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Utility Infrastructure
Survey 2