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    Kalispell Highlights
  1. Photos of Kalispell police cruiser, and officer talking on the phone with text of title

    Kalispell Officers attend Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course

    Several Officers recently attended a Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course designed to prepare them to mitigate threats such as barricaded or suicidal subjects. Trainings like this help prepare our officers for the variety of situations they may face. Read on...
  2. City Logo on top of snow flakes with the title &#34Snow Removal Map&#34

    Snow Plow Policy & Snow Removal Map

    City crews are ready to take on the snow and ice conditions in the city streets. Learn about the city snow policy to know what to expect from city crews and what are your responsibilities. A new snow removal map also helps show what to expect and where. Read on...
  3. 5 people around a table with computers and notepads with the words, &#34Take a seat at the table&#34

    Share Your Insights on an Advisory Board

    Interested in local decisions? Share your insights in areas you have passion for by serving on a city advisory board. With 13 boards to choose from, now is the time to turn in an application for upcoming term expirations. Read on...