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Stormwater Hotline

The goal of the Stormwater Public Contact Program is to provide means for Kalispell residents to contact City staff to relay comments, concerns or gain information concerning stormwater. The contact line will also be used in the tracking process for incident and complaints regarding illicit and illegal discharges into the City's storm drain system.

Public Works Department
201 1st Avenue East
Kalispell, MT 59903-1997
(406) 758-7720

Help keep our streams and lakes clean by reporting:

  • Illegal dumping of trash and debris along roadways or in creeks
  • Leaking automobiles
  • Concrete dumped in the storm drain or in the street
  • Paint dumped into storm drain
  • Motor oil dumped into storm drain
  • Sediment runoff from construction sites
  • Yard clippings swept or blown into storm drains
  • Sewage or septic tank leaks
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