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Public Involvement

The Best Management Practices in this category are opportunities for residents to get involved in Kalispell's storm water program. An active and involved community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program. It allows for broader public support since the citizens who participate in the development and decision making processes are responsible for the programs.

Kalispell's Stormwater Management Program contains six BMPs in the Public Participation and Involvement category including:

  • PI-1 Annual Public Meeting
  • PI-2 Storm Drain ID
  • PI-3 Charity Carwash Program
  • PI-4 Student Participation Awareness
  • PI-5 Public Contact Program
  • PI-6 MDT – Adopt a Highway

Public participation and involvement also provides a conduit to other programs, because citizens involved in the stormwater program development process provide important cross-connections and relationships with other community and government programs.

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