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Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Best Management Practices (BMPs) in this category are designed to address stormwater runoff from construction sites that disturb 5 CY or 1,000 SF. Sediment from construction sites is a leading cause of water quality problems. During a short period of time, construction sites can contribute more sediment to streams than can be deposited naturally during several decades.

Kalispell's Stormwater Management Program contains five BMPs in the Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control category including:

  • C-1 Land Disturbance Ordinance 1600
  • C-2 Kalispell Construction Site Stormwater Management Permit
  • C-3 Construction Inspection
  • C-4 Erosion Control Plan Review Procedures
  • C-5 Annual Erosion and Sediment Control Training

Often construction of a site begins with the removal of vegetation and grading of the site in preparation for the building. The lack of ground cover makes these sites especially vulnerable to soil erosion. Sediment-laden water may be washed off-site and into lakes and streams, making the water cloudy. Besides poor visibility, the sediment provides sunlight from reaching the aquatic plants and smothers bottom dwelling-insects and fish.

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