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Copies of the Rules and Regulations are available in the Water Billing and Public Works Offices.

Consumer Confidence Report

Water Main Tap

Water main taps must be scheduled through the Public Works Office. Water main taps require one week advance notice for installation. The Public Works Water Division will tap the water main, install the service line and shut off to the property line, backfill and replace asphalt. Upon completion of the water main tap the homeowner will be billed directly for labor, equipment and material costs. Average costs for water taps will vary from $1,500 to $3,000.

Out-of City Water Utility Service

For water service to property outside the city limits, a signed petition for Annexation form and a signed Waiver of the Right of Protest Annexation form must be submitted to the Public Works Office prior to utility service connection. Petitions to Annex are available from the Kalispell Planning Office located at 201 1st Avenue East, Kalispell.

Water Service Line Installation

It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to install and maintain water service from the main to their building.

Water Meter Installation

It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to contract with a plumber for water meter installation.

The Water Department shall provide, operate and maintain all meters up to two inches in size. When a meter in excess to two inches is requested, the Water Department will pay the cost of a two inch meter only and the customer shall pay the additional cost of the larger water meter, together with all installation testing maintenance thereof.

Water Service Turn-on Requests

Upon installation of the water meter, the Property Owner or the Contractor must request the water service to be turned on at the Public Works or Water Billing Offices. 24 hours advance notice is required.

Water Rate

Charge: $7.50 administrative cost per meter $2.43 per thousand gallons/no minimum.


Meter Size Fee per Billing Cycle
3/4" $0.80
1" $1.38
1 1/2" $2.68
2" $3.75
3" $14.10
4" $19.88

Meter charge based upon 15 year replacement life.

Water Service Emergency Shut Off Requests

To request the water to be turned off on an emergency basis call the Public Works Office, 758-7720, or the Water Billing Office, 758-7745, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. For service after hours, weekends or holidays, contact the Kalispell Police Dispatch Office at 758-7780.

Water Usage Billing

Water usage is billed bi-monthly. If the meter cannot be read, bills will be estimated and adjusted when an accurate reading is obtained.

Sprinkling Rate

Residential Users: Residential households shall have a reduced water charge - sprinkling rate - during summer months. Sprinkling is based on use that exceeds the average usage in a four month period. November - March or December - April.

Commercial Users & Schools: May receive a summer sprinkling rate only if this sprinkling use is separately metered. The Public Works Office will provide ¾" meters for these separately metered services, if larger meters are needed the cost of the larger meter will be paid by the user.

Note: Separate sprinkling devices will not be permitted OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS.

Water Billing Questions, please contact the Water Billing office at 758-7745 or

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