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Stormwater Management Permits

FEE: $10 Less Than an Acre $45 Greater than an Acre

**Application will be considered incomplete until the permit fee has been paid**

Stormwater Management is increasingly important for the purpose of maintaining clean water and preserving waterbodies such as streams, rivers, and lakes. The City of Kalispell's Stormwater Management Ordinance 1600 went into effect May 2, 2007, as mandated under the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) and the Montana Pollution Discharge Elimination (MPDES) regulation. These regulations are designed to protect water quality in waterbodies by reducing the amount of pollutants that stormwater collects and carries into storm conveyance systems and then into streams, rivers, and lakes.

City Stormwater Management Permits are required for all land disturbances within the City of Kalispell. This permit is issued and administered by the Public Works Department. The requirements for the permit are established by land disturbance size: (1) LESS than one acre, and (2) GREATER than or equal to one acre. The documents outlining the permit requirements and the permit forms are listed by permit requirement below.

The following activities are exempt from the requirement to obtain a City Stormwater Management Permit:

  • Emergencies posing an immediate danger to life or property, or substantial flood or fire hazards.
  • Any activity where the total volume of material disturbed, stored, disposed of or used as fill does not exceed five (5) cubic yards or the area disturbed does not exceed one thousand (1000) square feet provided it does not obstruct a watercourse, and is not located in a floodplain.

LESS than an acre

GREATER than or equal to an acre


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