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Utility Billing - Water/Sewer

To Contact Us By Phone:

For Billing Information Call: (406)758-7745

To Pay By Phone Call:       (866)636-3850

Mailing Address:

City of Kalispell Water Dept                                                              PO BOX 1997                                                                                 Kalispell, MT 59903

Utility E-Bills Now Available

Paperless billing is now available. To sign up for Electronic Bills, please call or send an e-mail to with your account number, name, and e-mail address.


Water Rate                                                                                             Charge: $7.50 administrative cost per meter                                        $2.43 per thousand gallons/no minimum.

Sewer Rate                                                                                          Charge: $8.44 administrative cost per meter                                        $4.78 per thousand gallons/no minimum


Meter Size Fee per Billing Cycle
3/4" $0.80
1" $1.38
1 1/2" $2.68
2" $3.75
3" $14.10
4" $19.88

Meter charge based upon 15 year replacement life.



How do I start/stop water and sewer service?                             Contact The Water Department at (406) 758-7745

Where can I make a Payment?

By check or with cash, either in the office or using our drop boxes located at local grocery stores.

Pay online or by phone with a credit or debit card.

Set up automatic payments with your bank account.

Can I access my billing and payment information on the web?

Yes, click on the Online Bill Pay tab located on the home page of

Is the water meter used to calculate my sewer bill? 

Yes, sewer is based on water usage.

What about summer watering?                                                           

All residential users who do not have separately metered sprinkling services will be charged during the months of May, June, July, August, September, and October $1.55 per thousand gallons on the amount of consumption used in excess of the winter average period (November through February).

How often do you read my water meter?                               

We attempt to read all water meters monthly. If a reading is unattainable, your usage will be estimated and a note will be sent to the owner requiring our meter techs to maintenance your meter.     

How do I read my water meter?                                                  

Meters are read from left to right, the same as the odometer on an automobile.

Where is my water meter located?                                     

Water meters are generally located in the crawlspace or utility room of most older residences. They can also be in the front yard located in a meter pit.

Where do I shut my water off at?                                        

There is a shut-off valve located below your meter (see where is my meter?). If this valve is inoperable the City will need to shut off the service at the curb-valve located at the front of the property so you can repair your shut-off valve. Call (406) 758-7745 if you need the water turned off while repairs are being made.

I have a leak, is it my responsibility or the Water Departments to fix?

By paying the monthly water service repair fee any leak on your service line between the water main and the curb valve (usually at the property line) will be repaired by the Water Department. All other leaks, except the water meter unless frozen or damaged by the customer, are the responsibility of the property owner.

How do I protect my water meter or water lines from freezing?Hardware stores usually sell pipe insulation that is inexpensive and easy to install. Meters can be protected by wrapping insulation around them. A blanket can be used as a temporary precaution.



 Emergency Calls

In case of emergency, call 758-7720 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. After hours, weekends, or holidays call the Kalispell Police Dispatch Office at 758-7780.




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