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These teams consist of officers throughout the department who have received specialized training in specific disciplines.  These assignments are in addition to their other duties as patrol officers & detectives.  Officers throughout the agency are highly trained and many are instructors in areas including: Defensive Tactics (handcuffing, ASP, Jiu Jitsu & groundfighting, etc.) and Use of Force, Police Vehicle Operations (PVOC), Firearms, Tasers, Building Searches, Bicycle Patrol, Field Training Officers (FTO's), etc.  These officers are used to train department personnel as well as personnel from other LE agencies.


Special Response Team (SRT) & Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT):

The SRT is a team comprised of experienced officers who complete rigorous testing and training on a regular basis.  SRT responds to critical incidents that may exceed the capabilities and resources of patrol units.  The team is used for high-risk warrant service, barricaded subject response, hostage situations, dignitary protection and civil disturbances.  SRT Operators receive advanced/specialized training in entry breaching, less-lethal munitions, chemical agents, marksman/observer and other areas as needed. 

The CNT is deployed with SRT for barricaded subject responses and hostage situations.  Negotiators have received specialized training in crisis/hostage negotiations.

SRT is a valuable resource for our department and our community.  It enables us to provide immediate response to critical incidents within Kalispell without having to wait for response from outside agencies.  

Due to a very generous donation, our department received an armored vehicle (Lenco B.E.A.R.) to assist in SRT responses.  This specialized vehicle is the only one of its kind in the northwest.  Due to this, it has been utilized to assist other agencies/SRT teams in high-risk situations throughout NW Montana.


Major Crimes Unit (MCU):

The primary responsibility of the MCU is to respond to scenes of major crimes for scene processing and evidence collection.  These scenes may include shootings, homicides, sexual assaults and search warrants.

Officers on the team attend an 80 hour training in Crime Scene Processing and Evidence Collection that is put on by the Montana State Crime Lab.  This is in addition to the training all officers receive in basic evidence collection & processing. The team also participates in regular on-going training to maintain their skills in areas such as blood spatter, fingerprinting, etc.

Alcohol Enforcement Team (AET):

Officers from our department participate in the Flathead County Alcohol Enforcement Team.  This team is a collaborative effort of local & state agencies throughout the Valley. 

The primary focus of the team is to reduce underage drinking.  This is done through business education and random compliance checks by team members.

Bicycle Patrol:

The officers on the bicycle patrol team are certified and trained through our department's LEBA certified instructor.  The class consists of a strenuous 4 days of classroom training as well as many 20-30 mile bike rides throughout the week.  Officers learn about bicycle injuries, nutrition, bike maintainance and riding bicycles on places other than paved roads (i.e. stairways, sidewalks & trails). 

They primarily patrol the downtown areas and city parks that are close to the downtown area and areas of the city that aren't easily accessed by a patrol car.  They may assist in maintaining order at parades and special events held downtown such as "Music in the Park" and "Thursday Fest".  Bicycle officers are also utilized to patrol the fairgrounds during fair week.

Motorcycle Patrol:

The department currently ulitizes two Harley Davidson police package motorcycles.  The officers assigned to the unit are members of the Traffic Unit and must complete an 80 hour police motorcycle operator training course prior to assignment to the motorcycle patrol. 

The primary focus of the motorcycle officers is traffic enforcement, high congestion traffic control and enforcment as well as accident/crash investigations. The motorcycle patrol officers also assist in traffic escorts, such as parades and other special events.

Intern & Reserve Officer programs:


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