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Planning Board Meeting - August 12, 2014 - Beginning @ 6:00 p.m.

The following public hearings are scheduled:

1. Resubdivision of Lot 3 Bright View Subdivision Preliminary Plat - Application Materials

2. Text Amendment - J2 Office Products - Application Materials

3. Miscellaneous Zoning Amendments - Zoning Ordinance Text Update - A request from the City of Kalispell for a series of updates to the zoning ordinance.  Every few years, the City initiates a set of text amendments to clean-up areas of the ordinance that need additional clarification or to adopt general provisions that are needed to keep the ordinance operating in an effective, user-friendly manner.  This set of updates includes more specific provisions for temporary uses in a placeholder planned unit development (Section 27.19.020), adding rail industrial parks as a permitted use in the I-1(Light Industrial) zone (Section 27.16.020), clarifications and more consistent language under the off-street parking design chapter (Chapter 27.24), cross-references for definitions relating to residential uses (Chapter 27.37), clarification of the use of recreational vehicles in certain areas (new Section 27.20.085 and Chapter 27.37), clarification of site review standards (Section 27.20.120), and clarification of rules relating to kennels (Section 27.34.010).  It also brings the existing airport affected area regulations under the zoning ordinance rather than the currently stand-alone ordinance enforced by the airport manager (new Section 27.20.025).

4. Growth Policy Update Draft - The Kalispell City Planning Board has spent past year drafting an update to the text of the Kalispell Growth Policy.  The updated draft addresses a number of key topics that affect the future growth and development of the City of Kalispell.  Each chapter presents a brief introduction of the particular topic, lists a number of issues surrounding the topic, establishes goals and priorities, lays out the policies that will guide the city, and finishes with a number of recommended actions.  The Growth Policy’s Future Land Use Map has remained unchanged.


Flathead High School Parking District


 1. Captains Marine Development - Planned Unit Development - A request from APEC Engineering, on behalf of Captain’s Marine (Somers Bay Trading Co. LLC), for a Planned Unit Development for the development of a boat and trailer sales and service facility consisting of 14,900 square feet of sales, offices, and service areas on the main floor and 1,800 square feet of offices on the second level.  The PUD proposal also includes associated parking, landscaping, and public utility connections and extensions as needed or required.  The property is located at 3215 Highway 93 South.


Photos courtesy of Digital Broadway LLC