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Impact Fee Committee


Current Members Term Ends
Jim Cossitt 4/30/2017
Jason Mueller 4/30/2019
Merna Terry 4/30/2018
Blake Robinson 4/30/2018
Jeff Zauner 4/30/2017
Justin Ahmann 4/30/2017
Nancy Cunningham 4/30/2019


Resolution Nos. 5062 and 5093.


To review and monitor the process of calculating, assessing, and spending impact fees.


The committee shall consist of a maximum of seven members and shall have at least one representative of the development community.


Three-year terms to be staggered.

Residency Requirements

Members must be either property owners, residents, or actively engaged in business or employment within the Kalispell city limits.

For More Information

Contact Terri Loudermilk at 758-7722.

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