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Architectural Review Committee

This Committee meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings may be canceled when there are no projects to review. See the calendar of events for more details.


Current Members Term Ends
Bill Goodman On-Going until Resignation
Janet Clark On-Going until Resignation
Julia Pierrottet On-Going until Resignation
Russell Skelton On-Going until Resignation
Mark Norley On-Going until Resignation
John Hinchey On-Going until Resignation
David Koel On-Going until Resignation

Board meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed here.



Kalispell Municipal Code, Section 27.21.020, Architectural Review.


Encourage originality, flexibility and innovation in site planning and development, including the architecture, landscaping and graphic design of said development; discourage monotonous, drab, unsightly, dreary and inharmonious development; conserve the Redevelopment Area's natural beauty and visual character and charm by insuring that structures, signs and other improvements are properly related to their sites, and to surrounding sites and structures, with due regard to the aesthetic qualities of the natural terrain and landscaping, and that proper attention is given to exterior appearances of structures, signs, and other improvements; protect and enhance the city's appeal to tourists and visitors and thus support and stimulate business and industry and promote the desirability of investment and occupancy in business, commercial and industrial properties, etc.


The Architectural Review Committee shall consist of at least five persons of the following qualifications: One individual specially qualified by reason of education, training or experience in the financing of commercial real property; two individuals actively engaged in business, commerce or industry; and two individuals who shall either be architects, landscape architects, or specially qualified by reason of education, training or experience in the area of graphic or allied arts.


Appointments are ongoing until resignation.

Residency Requirements

Whenever possible, the Mayor shall appoint individuals who are either property owners, residents or actively engaged in business or employment in the Redevelopment Area of the City of Kalispell.

For More Information

Contact the Planning department.

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