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Kalispell Fire Department

Chaplains Program


The Kalispell Fire Department chaplain program began in 2005 in response to the desire for the support of the Department personnel and community members who find themselves in crisis.   Through an application and interview process, four local pastors formed the original chaplain team that has since expanded to five.

The chaplains provide encouragement and inter-personal support to the staff of the Kalispell Fire Department who offer medical attention as well as fire and rescue services to those in need.  On scenes of various types, the chaplains seek to help community members with their immediate emotional and logistical needs so that the department personnel can provide the necessary services in each situation.

The chaplains also serve the department through conduction of weddings, funerals, pre-marital as well as other types of counseling.  The chaplain program has also included teaching professional development seminars, organizing family picnics and assisting with department goals and bettering communications.

As Chaplains we are honored to serve the department and our community in this capacity.



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