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Frequently Asked Questions and Forms

Q1. How do I obtain a city business license?

A1. The city of Kalispell does not have a city business license program, however you will need to follow all zoning requirements and state statutes and requirements.


Q2. How can I determine who has jurisdiction regarding an issue I am interested in?

A2. You may find the answer you are looking for in this online guide designed to help you get involved in State, County, City and Town decisions affecting residents in the Flathead County, Montana area.


Q3. How do I share my thoughts on a city issue with the Mayor and City Council?

A3. You can send a public comment email to the Mayor and all of the City Council to or find individual contacts and more information on the city council webpage.


Q4. Do I need a permit to have a parade or a special event on city property and public right-of-ways?

A4. Yes, you do need a permit. Here is the link to the online requirements and application form for a city Special Event Permit.
If you plan to serve or sell alcohol, here are the requirements and the application form for an additional City Alcohol Permit.


Q5. I am unsure what city department has the information I am looking for.  How do I find out who to contact?

A5. General information about all the departments and contact information can be found in this welcome guide.


Q6. How do I record or obtain a recorded document?

A6. The County Clerk and Recorder's Office handles all recorded documents. They can be reached at (406) 758-5698.


Q7. How do I obtain a passport, marriage license, birth or death certificate or divorce record?

A7. The County Clerk of Court (406) 758-5870 handles passports, marriage licenses and divorce records, and birth and death certificates are handled by the County Clerk and Recorder's Office 758-5698.



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