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Building Department Overview

The City of Kalispell's Building Department performs plan reviews and inspections on all commercial and residential projects within the city limits.

Permits are required for building, plumbing, mechanical, tenant improvements and fire suppression systems.

Our website includes the requirements and forms needed for new construction, remodels, additions, tenant improvements, detached garages, and decks.

In addition, the department is responsible for conducting Fire Life Safety inspections and fire/alarm plan review of commercial properties within the city.


Current Codes:

The City of Kalispell has adopted the following building codes:

  •  2012 International Building, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Fire & Energy Code;
  •  2012 International Existing Building Code; 
  •  2012 International Residential Code; and
  •  2012 Uniform Plumbing Code.

Any drawings submitted for a building permit on or after April 6, 2015 will be reviewed under the new code cycle.

In addition the city is in the process of assuming the responsibilities of the electrical inspections and permitting, for all existing residential and commercial buildings, and new construction within the city limits.

The City of Kalispell has adopted the following electrical code:

  • 2014 National Electrical Code

We are anticipating starting the city's electrical program later this summer.

Photos courtesy of Digital Broadway LLC