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June 12, 2018 11:59 AM

Buffalo Stage Area Road Maintenance

LHC, Inc. will be performing mill and overlay road maintenance in the following areas: Buffalo Stage to Granrud Lane, Stillwater Lane from Buffalo Stage past the school through the intersection to Pheasant Run, Pheasant Run from Stillwater Lane to Buffalo Stage, and Buffalo Square Court (including turnaround.)

Work will begin at approximately 7:00 AM and will continue until 6:00 PM, Mondays through Fridays. Residents should expect lane closures with delays; flaggers and/or traffic devices will be in place to direct traffic. Expect heavy truck traffic during the project work hours. Note: schedules are subject to change based on weather and equipment operations.

Road maintenance will consist of three major tasks: milling (1), tack oiling (2), and paving.

1. During the milling process—whereby the existing blacktop is removed from the street—you will be able to get your vehicles in and out of your driveways with relatively short notice, except for when the milling equipment is working directly in front of your property.

2. Tack oil is a hot oil product that is used to help new asphalt stick to the existing surface. Residents should avoid driving and/or walking on wet tack oil. Please keep pets off the tack oil to avoid injuries to their paws. Tack oil is applied at high temperatures and will stick to vehicles, tires, shoes, etc., and can be tracked into areas outside the construction zone. Residents are encouraged to utilize alternate parking areas during this time.

3. During the paving process and after an area is paved, it is imperative that adequate time—usually four to six hours—is allowed for the new asphalt to be properly compacted and cooled before opened to traffic. Please avoid driving or walking on new asphalt, especially with pets. This will prevent damage to the new street surface, your vehicle’s finish, and injury to you and your pets. Residents are strongly encouraged to make sure their vehicles are moved out of their driveways and off the streets before this time.

LHC, Inc. would like to thank you for your understanding while we perform necessary repairs in your area.

Projected start date is June 12th concluding on or before July 10th.
Please contact LHC, Inc. with any questions or concerns.

LHC, Inc. office: (406) 758-6417 or (406) 758-6438

Map of Area
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